Thursday, 12 May 2011

Who's Side Are You On?

Since bin Laden's death there have been many on the American left that have criticised the Republican right for offering little to no support to Obama for finally getting the man that evaded George Bush for so long. There is a lot of truth in this. But there is another issue that the American and European left are also not willing to acknowledge. In the aftermath of bin Laden's death there were some brief celebrations in the streets in America devoid of any hint of racism, discrimination or God forbid 'Islamophobia', which have been exaggerated beyond all measure to give the liberals a means of diverting the story to another masochistic attack on America and the west in general. Amusingly, a part of this 'anti-celebratory' narrative, has been the idea that bin Laden's death is not very significant due to the enormous and entrenched network of terrorism that exists without him. This does slightly contradict the narrative though that Terrorism is an exaggerated if not outright non-existent threat cooked up by hawkish neocons in the White House, and that the war in Afghanistan is essentially a war about nothing. The American right should make their mind up as to whether they are going to offer praise to Obama for getting bin Laden (which they should have instantly decided in the positive) and the broader Western and American left should make up it's damn mind about whether it supports the United States' efforts in the War on Terror and simply disagrees with the means, or if it believes that such a thing does not exist in the first place. Clearly it now appears to be deciding that there is a threat. About time.

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