Thursday, 12 May 2011

A Progressive What?!

Apparently the No to AV success does not rule out the possibility that there is a progressive majority in Britain! I'd agree it doesn't rule this out, plain fact devoid of utter delusion provides us with this painfully obvious analysis. While the Labour party has increasingly come to represent trendy University Class causes on issues like feminism and race far more than traditional class issues, the majority of its vote still originates from the working class. Despite having little to do with class anymore, the Labour Party presents a clear alternative to the Liberal Democrats and has consistently acquired more votes on a clearly non-progressive platform. What's more, the support base of the Liberal Democrats appears now shattered, with so-called 'progressives' who were voting for the LD's having little difficulty in transferring over to Labour. Further still since Labour's final defeat in 2010, a rise in the philosophy of 'Blue Labour' under Maurice Glassman has arisen in attempt to win back the voters that they lost to the BNP, hardly something that most 'progressives' are likely to slip into doing. If the majority of the country were progressive, why do all polls show consistently high concerns with immigration and dissatisfaction over multiculturalism? Do these idiots know what most polls show your average working class voter's views are on capital punishment? Or gay marriage? Seeing cretins like Mehdi Hasan (I know, I know, I shouldn't be surprised at new levels of stupidity from this man) refer to this so-called 'progressive majority' that Labour backbenchers apparently blocked (see here: shows just how completely and utterly out of touch these Ivory Tower liberals are that so dominant our discourse and media and not our population.

You too Toynbee

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