Monday, 2 May 2011

The Death of bin Laden

The instant that Osama bin Laden's death had been made public, a wave of pre-emptive videos and articles flushed their way onto the internet to mock those silly Yanks again who had been seen in the street celebrating the death of their most wanted man. This boring generation can produce so little beyond inanely attacking the status quo that they'll even do it before that status quo has had time to wake up and read the news and process itself. In fact the death of bin Laden plays quite nicely into the hands of those who think that they know better than everyone else about the 'real' motives behind the War on Terror and how we 'really' should be fighting it. Not only does the sight of patriotism and celebration provide the ultimate fish in a barrel to produce a trendy 'intellectual' attack on such silly behaviour, it also allows the idiots to juxtapose this jubilation with a solemn message about the 'futile' wars abroad remaining without change. Because you see these people know better. 

They know that even in spite of the images broadcast across the world of Afghans attacking UN workers and other innocents that played no role in the, and I hesitate to call it this, 'provocation' only a few weeks ago. In spite of the fact that our main 'ally' in the region Pakistan which guzzles up huge quantities of aid from the West in the spirit of fighting terrorism had allowed bin Laden's presence to go unnoticed, not in a cave somewhere on their border, but only 60 miles from their capital in a mansion. They just know that in fact Afghan society is developed enough to be self-sufficient and share a border with nuclear Pakistan, without posing a threat to the West. They just know that Obama is no different to Bush, sucked into these wars by the irresistible Military Industrial Complex instead of any legitimate concerns of national security. And they certainly know a lot better than to celebrate or appreciate the significance of adding the man that provoked the War on Terror to the enormous list of terrorists and jihadists that have been killed, combined with the destruction of much of al-Qaeda's infrastructure and ability to commit acts of terror.

Osama bin Laden's death provides a very powerful symbol. One that people can rally around, or hopefully one that works as the last straw on the camel's back. Those that declare war on America found out after 2001 that they no longer had a safe haven to plan attacks against the West in Afghanistan, and as bin Laden's latest inclusion in the list shows, they increasingly do not have a safe place to hide in Pakistan. As much as I hope that the news of bin Laden's death turns the tide in the War on Terror, I also hope that this symbol of progress does more to extinguish this unimaginative, nihilistic, relativistic, unread and frankly stupid generation that has done so much to fight against this effort that brought this latest success about.


  1. Ive been subscribed to your Youtube channel for about a year but i never bothered looking at your page, hence ive never found this blog. Im TheIkaraCult on there btw, and good job

    I agree with this post, but i dont think the media coverage has given that much credence to the hand-wringers, its reflected the feeling of satisfaction that the silent majority has at such an event.

    Id be interested in what you think about the opinion poll that said 61% of Republicans gave Obama credit for killing Bin Laden. That means 39% when asked couldnt give him credit for getting the head of the gang that sought to kill millions, and only because of NYC firefighters and police, killed thousands.

    I think that poll is a watershed. The republican party seems to have lost the plot to such a degree that 1/3 of them wont give credit to the president when he gets the man behind 9/11.

  2. I completely agree. The Republican party has been a complete shambles in my eyes since the day they put Sarah Palin up as the potential next in line leader of the free world.

    I heard Glenn Beck snidely remarking that he didn't think it was that difficult a call to tell someone to kill Osama, as if authorising a breach of Pakistani sovereignty that close to a military compound was not a difficult call! It's no different to anywhere else but things really are getting overly partisan over there.

    As for your second paragraph I take it you are from the US, or certainly not from Britain? If you'd heard the mainstream bullshit that we've been exporting you'd think that Obama had just sanctioned the murder of Mother Theresa. I just saw the last 2/3's of Question Time here with Douglas Murray with my bottom jaw near my knees for most of the show. Europe's spineless response to the war on terror is reaching every lower pits.