Friday, 1 April 2011

Anarchists, Hypocrites and the rest of the Left

I've put off commenting on the recent protests in London out of sheer irritation and disbelief at the events that have transpired. Where to start? Perhaps with the staggering hypocrisy that has been on display?
March For The Alternative: [Blank]

- For starters, what in the hell are 'anarchists' doing attacking a decrease in the size of the state?

- At what point did we stop being a democracy? Did the millions of absurdly over-taxed members of the Middle Class take to the streets during New Labour's years of reckless spending? More importantly would they have been allowed to get away with signs like 'Kill Welfare Layabouts' as similar signs were excused about the bankers?

- Why are the far-left not held to the same standards as the far-right? Why is it that on the issue of Palestine, so-called 'moderates' of Labour are allowed to share platforms with the SWP and many of the genuinely anti-Semitic Islamists that they invite to speak? We can all imagine what would happen if a Countryside Alliance March allowed BNP banners to spread around, but why is that standard not applied to the SWP in these marches?

I especially find it irritating that so many associated with this march that feel they have the right to demand their way, claim to speak for a majority of the population. This is particularly galling when the same day a poll was taken that suggested that some 28% of the population felt that the cuts were about right and 29% said they were not severe enough. What's more despite calling themselves a 'March For Alternative', absolutely no alternative was presented other than deny the deficit, tax more and increase the spending. It is also particularly infuriating the heavy association that the Labour party has with these marches. Not only does Labour get off scot free for its years of irresponsible spending and lack of foresight. It's years of deregulation and sucking up to the super-rich. But it is allowed to pose as a supporter of an 'alternative' when Labour has still not published what their plans for cuts would be having initially admitted that cuts would be necessary. Just as Labour managed to co-opt support against the implementation of the Browne Report that they fucking commissioned. This of course, all swirls together with one of the most ridiculous speeches ever given by Ed Milliband comparing a quick stroll through London with movements ranging from the Civil Rights Movement in America to even the uprisings taking place in the Middle-East!

Has anyone actually noticed that the Coalition is not even actually implementing any cuts but merely reducing the rate of increase in expenditure which will and is continuing to rise? Another idiotic cry that was doing the rounds was 'Tax The Rich'. So that after already bleeding out the Middle-Class for the already horrendously bloated and unsustainable Public Sector (which in the case of tuition fees the little dears will also tear apart London if they are asked to pay back even a small amount of), we should totally ignore the jobs, products and services that the big businesses supply (which is their leverage in exchange for playing lesser taxes) and take their hard-earned money until they pack their bags and take all of their revenue away with them. At what point did socialism become about coercing others for your living instead of earning it? Even if the self-defeating and unjust notion of 'taxing the rich' was put into place, the current rate of expansion and spending is still unsustainable and still revolves around writing a cheque that our children in the future will have to pay.

Some of you may remember Jody Mcintyre the wheelchair activist from the last round of cuts (who remains a cunt, whatever his disability) who I happen to know from friends who were there, in an introduction to a recent visit from Noam Chomsky at Cardiff University called for the overthrow of the British state in line with the Arab Spring as a response to the Coalition. You couldn't make it up.

They'll pay for ours though!
The last time I checked, even the EDL had not created this much damage or physically harmed this many members of the police that earn less in a year than many bankers earn in a day. In many ways despite the thousands of peaceful protesters (who were equally pathetic in actually presenting an alternative if not as equally deplorable) it is nice to see people like Sadiq Khan so quick to place the 'Guilt by [made up] Association' card get lumped together with the minority of violent yobs. The same applies to the utterly vapid Laurie Pennie. The truth is, the cuts at the moment do not go anywhere near far enough. Labour do not have the right to be considered morally legitimate proponents of 'alternatives'. Taxing others to pay for your living is unjust. And taxing future generations to pay for your luxury now is a disgrace.

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