Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Useless Feminism

So the militant feminists were out in full force last week on the Big Questions on issues in Britain. What could it be that had set them off recently? Perhaps it was the recent revelation that women in large numbers were being targeted due to their ethnicity and religious background for rape and grooming from a segment of a culture imported from a very patriarchal background? No. Of course it wasn't, on that issue they are mostly silent with very little to say in support of their abused 'sisters'. Perhaps it was the issue of the burka or the oppression of women in many of these non-Christian religious communities. Nope, the silence is fairly deafening on those issues as well. What was that had set them off? Some mildly offensive comments made in a private conversation between two sky presenters.

Definitely the most pressing issue facing women at the moment.

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