Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Muslim Victimhood

It has become a horrible cliché especially for liberals who feel like they are stabbing themselves when they criticise Muslims to recognise on the one hand that there are extremists in the Muslim camp, before going on to neuter this accusation by saying that there are extremists on both sides in reference to far right parties like the BNP. Cliché or not, it is undoubtedly true that non-Muslims are just as capable of having extreme views as Muslims, but there is an enormous gulf between the moderates on both sides and their willingness to acknowledge and condemn the extremists on their side.

In the above clip the first question asked by the Muslim on whether the media play a role in fermenting hostility towards the Muslim community represents a common flaw in Muslim thinking. While there may be aspects of the media that do not help attitudes towards Muslims (especially because, shock horror, they actually report on Islamist actions) the number one cause of fear of Muslims, is the behaviour of Muslims themselves. That sentence is not an indictment of every Muslim or even a majority of Muslims but to think that a media report on some bearded preacher from London sticks in the mind of the general public more than seeing 3000 people slaughtered in New York City is the height of lunacy. This question represents the first response of the Muslim community towards any problem related to their faith which is to never criticise their own community or attempt to change the behaviour of their own, but always to blame others and outsiders such as the media.

Mehdi Hasan has the fantastically stupid idea which he never stops repeating, that because the media reports on extremists that aren't representative of the majority of Muslims, therefore they shouldn't be allowed to report that news, or can't do so without being accused of having an ulterior motive. He may very well be correct that Islam4UK do not represent all Muslims, but how does that stop them being newsworthy? When have we ever seen a mainstream paper describe Anjem Choudary as representative? Do we hear the same whinging from white members of the society every time the BNP are reported in the news, screaming that because they are not representative of white society therefore they shouldn't be in the news? Of course not! He refers in the above video to the law-abiding citizens getting ignored while this reporting is going on. Apparently according to Hasan, every time the British Press report on Muslim Extremists they must publish a corresponding piece about how nearly 2 million other Muslims went about their day and obeyed the law. The fact that they are law abiding, means that they are not newsworthy, hence why they are not reported, there is no ulterior motive. At the same time there are plenty of non-Muslim groups that are reported sensationally in less reputable papers such as the Daily Express, I'd imagine there are plenty of single mothers and other groups of society that feel as if they are demonised and unfairly treated. Picking a few extreme examples in fringe papers and using them as evidence of mainstream conspiracy is simply puerile.

Once again Mehdi applies the same double standard as many others which Clarke rightly calls him up on at the end. After demonising anyone that reports on so-called unrepresentative Muslims he feels quite happy to refer to the 'climate' of non-Muslim extremism. The same man who complains that reporting on the thousands of Muslims marching through Europe calling for the murder of innocents as unfair and deliberately creating a climate of fear is quite happy to refer to the racists and fascists of the BNP as if they are representative of British society, or somehow not condemned enough.

Non-Muslims in Britain, bend over backwards to be seen as inoffensive and politically correct towards the religion of Islam. The so-called 'Islamophobic' media in Britain refused to re-publish a single cartoon from the Danish Cartoon Controversy. The so-called 'institutionally racist' police force, arrested almost no-one in the same year as the July 7th Bombings, when Muslims were taking to the streets in the thousands inciting murder and yet plenty of non-Muslim counter-protesters were arrested. The anti-Muslim BBC has speakers from MPAC and the RESPECT party on their shows all the time, and the only time they have allowed Nick Griffin on they were almost stopped from doing so. We have a situation now, where being a fascist and calling for the death of Jews and the stoning of homosexuals is acceptable if you are a Muslim whereas it is reporting on this kind of activity which gets you into trouble as per the reference in the video above to some of the vile teachings in the Birmingham Mosque and Andrew Gilligan. Non-Muslims do everything they can to be seen as not being offensive, and this is rarely reciprocated. This can be clearly seen in the video by the idiot questioner denying the fascistic nature of the Islamic Forum of Europe. After 60 years of mass immigration, largely taken against the will of the British electorate we have still not had a single BNP MP, but the Muslim community that has been imported in has voted in, the equally extreme RESPECT Party in certain districts.

The BNP party wishes to kick Mehdi and his family out of this country largely due to the colour of his skin (regardless of what their reformed manifesto says this is what they want), I have no problem therefore with him criticising the BNP and complaining about them. Similarly, extremist groups in the Muslim community wish to impose sharia law on as much of Britain as possible and in some cases commit acts of terrorism. Just as I do not label Mehdi 'anglophobic' for criticising extremists in the non-Muslim camp I expect him to do the same when I criticise the extremists in his camp and continually rejecting and complaining about that criticism will only lead to a breakdown in dialogue of these important issues and greater hostility.

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