Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Exposing What?

My initial response to Wikileaks was fairly sceptical. On the one hand my small-government instincts commend accountability, but my realist spectacles recognise the need for secrecy. At the same time, a lot of the people associated with Wikileaks and its supporters seem to live in an incredibly naive fairy-tale world, were they struggle to distinguish for example between war crimes and just plain war.

With the latest round of leaks, once again Wikileaks seems to spend more time exposing the naivety of the left and those that support it than the evil schemes of warmongering neocons. In fact, it seems to have leant a lot of credence to a lot of neoconservative thinking:

  1. 9/11 Was an Outside Job - Yes, it goes without saying that the conspiracy theories are complete nonsense but they are so incredibly pervasive and popular that it is still nice to see yet more credibility taken from them. Indeed, in order to further propagate the theory, many are now accusing Assange of being in the pockets of the CIA or indeed Israel who don't so far appear to have been particularly damaged by the leaks. There is only so far (one would hope) that the general public can stretch before this latest symptom of denying the threat we face by falsely blaming it on ourselves will hopefully be removed.
  2. Holocaust Denying Anti-Semitic Regimes Should Not be Trusted With Nuclear Weapons - And even many fellow 'brothers and sisters' that surround Iran think so as well. Yet more reason why it infuriates me that Sarah Palin is in the running for Presidency when it leaves sensible Americans the only choice of leaving the weak but at least plausibly qualified, Barack Obama in power.
  3. Michael Less- Michael Moore's film Sicko was amusingly discredited recently by some of the leaks relating to Cuba.
  4. Liberal Interventionism Does Not Equate to Imperialism - You would think that 'exposing the lies and secrets' of the Iraq War would lead to some confirmation of the more widely accepted conspiracy theories floating around, relating to Iraq's oil. Further it places the figures that opponents of the war have so freely thrown around regarding the deaths of Iraqi civilians, not even close to the purported million mark (regardless of the fact that it is not US soldiers doing the killing anyway), putting the average number of deaths during the intervention well, well below what they would have been had Saddam remained in power, ignoring also the threat to the region removed and the possibility of the growth in democracy. 
  5. Domestic Extremism is a Serious Threat - The latest cable regarding Britain's appalling record on dealing with Islamic extremism, especially in our Universities is understandably pissing our cousins across the pond off, as much as it is those of us at home tearing our hair out about it as well. 
  6. Zionist Plots For the NWO - And as already mentioned Israel, either by paying off Assange, or by simply not aiming for World Domination has not come off too badly.
One can't help but feel if this is the best WikiLeaks has to offer, then let it continue! The most it has done is unnecessarily expose private conversations amongst diplomats and put at risk those brave people in Afghanistan who are fighting alongside Coalition forces for women's rights and the right to vote, which the left absolutely opposes when it is done outside of Europe or America. 

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